Online enquiries: Fast and secure

The Zentralruf der Autoversicherer also offers a quick and secure online enquiry form (in German).

When it comes to determining the opposing party's vehicle liability insurance in the case of an accident, simply make use of the online enquiry form 24 hours a day. This is also the case for accidents that take place in other european countries.

An e-mail reply with the requested information will be provided immediately, or at the latest within a 24-hour period. Enquiries involving foreign vehicles may take longer

You can Download an English "How to" and the English translation (pdf) of the enquiry form here.

Important information for determining the insurance company

The Zentralruf der Autoversicherer determines the opposing party's liability insurance company following a traffic accident. It is available to everyone who has a justified interest, meaning those suffering damages as a result of a traffic accident and their representatives or organizations involved in claim settlement.

Misuse of the enquiry form and the fraudulent gathering of information from the Zentralruf der Autoversicherer will be legally prosecuted.

The Zentralruf der Autoversicherer can also be reached with a smartphone and tablet at

Fill out the enquiry form online.

Determination of moped license numbers

As vehicles required to display insurance license numbers, the following applies in accordance with the vehicle registration regulations:

  •     two or three-wheeled mopeds
  •     four-wheeled mopeds
  •     motorized wheelchairs

The affiliated insurance company can be determined for every insurance license number, the so-called moped license number. Only information concerning the insurance license number for the current traffic year (from 01.03. of the current year until 28.02. of the subsequent year) will be provided.

Please enter the three character letter combination of the insurance license number into the form field below and click on "send".

letter combination: