Unfallmeldedienst (UMD) – The automatic emergency call for everyone

Assistance on the road

The Unfallmeldedienst (UMD) is a service provided by German car insurers intended to make road traffic safer.

This service was initialized in conjunction with the automatic emergency call system (eCall) determined by the European Commission. As of 2018, all new vehicle models in Europe must include and be equipped with an emergency call system, which - in the case of a crash - automatically sends out site data and coordinates of the vehicle to the corresponding rescue coordination centres. When an accident occurs, an ambulance is sent to the accident site to perform lifesaving measures or provide the proper medical assistance to those who are seriously injured or even unconscious and thus, are not otherwise able to make a telephone call.

Already in 2016 German insurers are offering their customers a similar accident report service in the form of an automatic emergency call system for passenger cars. The UMD service takes effect when serious accidents occur or also in the case of so-called fender benders and other breakdowns. Experienced emergeny call agents answer the incoming accident notifications, commence corresponding measures, and ensure that the necessary assistance arrives on the scene.

Advantage: Safety

The GDV Dienstleistungs-GmbH teamed up with BOSCH and IBM to develop a sensor plug for accident detection and the corresponding smartphone app. In turn, these two units join to establish an"accident detection unit". Every insurance company has different demands of an emergency call service. As such, it will be possible to use the UMD infrastructure with other accident detection systems in the future and will pass along accident and breakdown messages in a targeted and useful manner. The accident detection service allows insurers to assure the proper assistance for the insured party in almost every situation.

  • Automatic emergency call system for passenger cars - no matter what the make, age or size
  • Plug for accident detection and app - an accident detection unit that can easily be retrofitted to almost every car type
  • Dependable organization of the necessary measures of assistance
Assistance after accidents
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