Tips for accidents or breakdowns

  • Try to stay calm.

  • Switch on the warning lights.

  • Put on a high-visibility vest.

  • Secure the poit of danger without delay with an advance warning triangle in order to avoid subsequent accidents and impairing the traffic flow. On roads, this warning triangle should be set up for a space of 100 metres. On motorways, it should be around 200 metres ahead of the point of danger.

  • In the process, please denote whether the accident area is located at a confusing location, for example, on a slope or in a curve, and place the warning triangle at a clearly visible point at the right edge of the road.

  • Is there an injured party? Provide immediate first aid assistance! Call for rescue assistance with the SOS telephone or directly using the european emergency number 112!

  • In the case of damage done to the body of the car, move the vehicles to the side of the road after securing the accident scene. In the case of car damage or vehicle breakdowns, you can request a towing service with the SOS telephone.

  • Please have the police called immediately when alcohol or drugs are involved or when a feigned accident is suspected.

  • Do not wait in the vehicle for the requested assistance after making the emergency call. Instead move behind the crash barriers for your personal safety. You can also record the damage and notify your insurance company from behind the crash barrier.

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