Notruf der Autoversicherer – SOS Telephones alongside the German motorways

Almost 17'000 SOS telephones are located alongside German motorways to assist motorists in the event of an emergency or a breakdown. Even in this day and age of smartphones, SOS telephones are indispensable and contribute to safety on Germany's roads. Approximately every eight minutes a motorist turns to the emergency call centre in Hamburg for assistance.

GDV Dienstleistungs-GmbH has been running and manning the SOS telephones since 1999. The safety of travellers on the motorways is of the utmost priority to the company. For this reason the employees of the emergency call centre first clarify all possible situations of danger right from the beginning of the conversation. In the event of a breakdown, the information for the desired accident assistance is to be registered. In the case of traffic accidents or other emergency situations, a conference call with the police or the local rescue coordination centre is arranged immediately.

Black arows on the black and white poles along the motorways point in the direction oft he nearest SOS telephone.

All emergency telephones are geologically surveyed. The location information is forwarded to the emergency call centre following the activation of an SOS telephone. Thus, time consuming queries about location are not necessary.

Notruf der Autoversicherer

Rescue and assistance through the SOS telephone

Whenever a road user activates an SOS telephone, he/she is directly connected with the emergency call centre of the automotive insurers. The SOS phones either have a flap that needs to be raised or two buttons. The red button is for accident emergency calls.

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