Simple and efficient: The Electronic Certificate of Insurance (eVB)

With the Electronic Certificate of Insurance, the 'elektronische Versicherungsbestätigung (eVB)', the insurance industry is making a decisive contribution to the simplification of dealing with authorities and helping to unburden public administration in terms of registration, notification of change, and deregistration of a vehicle. If the customer wishes to register his vehicle, make technical changes, or change his place of residence to another registration district, she or he will require an Electronic Certificate of Insurance from his or her car insurance company.

The eVB is stored with GDV DL by the insurance company and can be called up by the motor vehicle registration authority. The customer only receives an alphanumerical code, the so-called insurance confirmation number, which he must provide to the motor vehicle registration authority.

The motor vehicle registration authority can use the insurance confirmation number to call up the available data record with GDV DL and carry out the registration. Manual entries of insurance information are no longer required. All registration authorities are linked with the GDV DL through the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

The GDV DL also ensures, in the context of the electronic insurance confirmation procedure, that the registration authority is informed when the customer changes the insurance company or when the insurance coverage expires. As a clearing house for all insurers, it guarantees a secure, competitively neutral, and future-compatible process for all parties involved.

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