Dr. Jens Bartenwerfer
Managing Director
Fred di Giuseppe Chiachiarella
Managing Director

Department head level

Customer Relationship Management

Karsten Itterbeck
Head of Customer Relationship Management

Finance, Accounting, Controlling

Ina Bauer
Head of Commercial Division

Human Resources

Aaron Engelmann
Head of Operative Personnel Management
Evelin Schulz
Divisional Head of Human Resources
Marc Schubert
Head of Occupational Healthmanagement

Information Technology

Jürgen Waszkewitz
Divisional Head of Application Development
Mario Beckmann
Head of IT Operations
Sven Ohlen
Divisional Head of Purchasing, IT-Controlling, License-Management

Law, Compliance, Managementsystems

Jörg Uzarek
Divisional Head of Law, Compliance, Managementsystems


Birgit Luge-Ehrhardt
Head of Corporate Communication

Products, Customers, Partners

Christian Lubos
Divisional Head of Products, Customers, Partners
Svenja Rocklage
Head of Productmanagement

Project and Process Management

Helge Blum
Divisional Head of Project and Process Management

Service Center

Claudia Heidemann
Head of Service Centre

Specialist contact

Customer Relationship Management

Lars van der Vorst
Customer Relationship Manager


Christina Moll
Product and Market Management

Printed Matter Management

Maik Waldow
Corporate Communication

Product Management