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In 1996, the German automotive insurers and the German Insurance Association (GDV) founded the GDV Dienstleistungs-GmbH (GDV DL) with the goal of bundling important services of the insurance economy. The result was the service centre of the automotive insurers, which is responsible for the central call centre run by automotive insurers, called Zentralruf der Autoversicherer and the emergency call centre, called Notruf der Autoversicherer.

Each year, more than 1.3 million enquiries concerning accidents in Germany and abroad are processed professionally by the Zentralruf der Autoversicherer.

The emergency call centre ensures that assistance is provided quickly throughout Germany in the event of a breakdown or accident. Nearly 122'000 times per year the accident scene is reliably cleared due to the services provided. The GDV DL is commissioned by the federal states of Bavaria and Schleswig Holstein, as well as by the police authorities of Ulm and Heilbronn, so as to coordinate the clearing of accident sites in cooperation with the respectively deployed services.

With our electronic services, we have been assuring smoothly functioning interfaces in the digital communication of the insurers with the authorities, customers and the insurers' partners for years.

Since 2008, the GDV DL has been operating the electronic procedure for confirming proof of vehicle insurance for the registration of vehicles (eVB procedure). To ensure that all insurers can participate in the eVB procedure, the service has been expanded with solutions for the connection of sales and service providers, as well as with text message delivery services for promoting customer loyalty. Using this data transfer procedure, we process more than a quarter of a billion messages annually. Aside from purely functional requirements, criteria for success include high performance and the around-the-clock availability of this service.

Building on decades of experience in emergency telephone services, the GDV DL has been operating the accident reporting service of German insurers, the Unfallmeldedienst, since 2016, which, in the event of an automobile accident, ensures that emergency services are quickly alerted. In order to fulfil these strict requirements, we rely on proven technologies and modern approaches with respect to the software development process.

Factors for success are a profitable networking of customers, insurance companies, the police, emergency services, towing services, automotive garages, lawyers, experts, and authorities.

At a glance: Facts and figures on GDV DL

Year of founding1996
Legal form GmbH

Managing Director

Dr. Jens Bartenwerfer
Michael Bathke
Fred di Giuseppe Chiachiarella

Supervisory board chairmanWerner Schmidt
Seat of the company Glockengießerwall 1
20095 Hamburg
Number of employeesca. 430 (Status: 02/2019)

Clients and partners 

Insurance companies, experts, lawyers, authorities, Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), vehicle registration offices, police, fire department and rescue services, Bundesvereinigung der Fahrlehrerverbände e.V. (National Federation of driving instructor associations)




Elektronische Versicherungsbestätigung
Notruf der Autoversicherer
Service Center
Zentralruf der Autoversicherer

Assistance after accidents
Online form for an enquiry with the Zentralruf der Autoversicherer.

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